The treatmant

Shaped like a hat, the SCS II cap is comfortable and reliable; its internal electronic system maintains a thermostatically controlled low temperature and yet due to our unique design the patient does not suffer from a cold sensation.

The system includes two aesthetic caps which are fitted with electronic cooling blocks allowing two patients to receive treatment simultaneously.

Temperature gradient dirung treatment
Temperature gradient dirung treatment

Before, during and after the treatment the temperature of the scalp area is maintained of 8oC to 10o C/46o F to 50oF degrees. This causes two desired effects: First, it causes vasoconstriction, a condition that reduces the drug dosage reaching the hair follicle. Secondly, the treatment dramatically reduces metabolic activity in the scalp area.

Ultimately, hair follicles exposed to less chemotherapy experience minimal or entirely no hair-loss.

Half an hour prior to receiving chemotherapy, the cap is applied to the patient's head and kept on during the entire duration of the treatment. It also stays for approximately an hour after receiving the dosage.

The SCS II treatment throughout is painless with no side effects. Scalp temperature is measured on-line during the entire treatment. The temperature display is located on the main unit of the SCS II system. Patients can even enjoy listening to a portable tape player during the treatment.

Please note: The success of this hair loss prevention treatment depends on a number of factors including the kind of drug, the concentration of the drug and the way the drug is applied. In addition, each patient is unique and could experience a different side effect. In general scalp cooling procedures are less effective when the patient is treated with Adriamycin, VP16 and Taxol.

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