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1. Ridderheim M, Bjurberg M, Gustavsson A.
Scalp hypothermia to prevent chemotherapy induced alopcia is effective and safe:
A pilot study of new digitized scalp-cooling system used in 74 patients

Support Care Cancer; 11(6):371-7 2003

2. Macduff C, Mackenzie T, Hutcheon A, Melville L, Archibald H.
The effectiveness of scalp cooling in preventing alopecia for patients receiving epirubicin and docetaxel
Eur J Cancer Care; 12(2):154-61 2003

3. Protiere C, Evans K, Camerlo J, d'Ingrado MP, Macquart-Moulin G, Viens P, Maraninchi D, Genre D.
Efficacy and tolerance of a scalp-cooling system for prevention of hair loss
And the experience of breast cancer patients treated by adjuvant chemotherapy

Support Care Cancer; 10(7):529-37 2002

4. Batchelor D.
Hair and cancer chemotherapy: consequences and nursing care--a literature study
Eur J Cancer Care; 10(3):147-63 2001

5. Ron IG, Kalmus Y, Kalmus Z, Inbar M, Chaitchik S
Scalp cooling in the prevention of alopecia in patients receiving depilating chemotherapy.
Department of Oncology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, Israel.
Support Care Cancer; 5(2):136-8 1997

6.Pickard-Holley S
The symptom experience of alopecia.
Colleges of Nursing, University of South Florida, Tampa, USA.
Semin Oncol Nurs; 11(4):235-8 1995

7. * R.A.E.M. Tollengar, G.J. Liefers, O.J. Repealer van Driel and C.J.H. van de Velde.
Scalp cooling has no place in the prevention of alopecia in Adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.
European J. of cancer Vol. 30A, no. 10, pp.1448-53; 1994.
* Note: This reference does not refer to SCS II but rather to other unsuccessful approaches.

8. Hussein AM
Chemotherapy - induced alopecia: new developents
William J. Harrington Center for Blood Diseases, University of Miami School of Medicine, Fla.
South Med J; 86(5):489-96 1993

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Life satisfaction and health in cancer patients, orthopedic patients and healthy individuals.
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Psychological problems in head-and-neck cancer patients and their change with time since diagnosis.
Annals of Oncology; 4169-73; 1993.

11.Purohit OP, Steers JM, Hancock BW, Coleman RE
A short six week chemotherapy regImen for relapsed lymphoma: effIcacy, results and the influence of scalp cooling (meetng abstract)
YCRC Dept.of Clinical Oncology,Weston Park Hosp.Sheffield, UK
Br J Cancer; 66(Suppl XVII):10 1992

12. S. Chaitchik, S. Kreitler, Y. Rapoport, R. Algor.
What do cancer patients spouses know about the patients.
Cancer Nursing 15(5); 353-362; 1992.

13.Purohit OP, Coleman RE, Steers JM, Hancok BW
A six-week chemotherapy regimen for relapsed lymphoma: efficacy, results and the influence of scalp scooling (meeting abstract)
YCRC Dept. of Clinical Oncology,Western Park Hosp,Sheffield,UK
Ann Oncol; 3(Suppl 5):126 1992

14. Hillen HF, Breed WP, Botman CJ
Scalp cooling by cold air for the prevention of chemothemrapy - induced alopecia
Department of Internal Medicine, Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven. Neth J Med;
37(5-6):231-5 1990

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Effect of Pre-operative Chemotherapy on the Quality of Life of patients with early Breast cancer.
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17. Parbhoo S, Kelleher T.
Proceedings of ICRCT Congress - Advances in Regional Cancer Therapy.
West Germany 1985.

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Scalp cooling by thermocirculator.
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23. Luce JK, Rafetto TJ, Crisp M. et al.
Prevention of alopecia by scalp cooling of patients receiving adriamycin.
Cancer Chemotherapy Rep. 1973; 57:108.

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