Hairloss prevention and its benefits

Chemotherapy-induced alopecia continues to be a psychologically distressing side effect for the cancer patient undergoing treatment.

Depending upon the degree of importance placed on the hair by the patient, alopecia can cause negative changes in body image, decreased social activity, and altered interpersonal relationships.

Hospitals today are actively involved in both administering chemotherapy and preventing deleterious side effects. Now the SCS II system is available to prevent chemotherapy-induced hair loss, and help the hospital staff to better treat their patients.
Compared to the toxic effects of chemotherapy, alopecia may be considered a minor side effect. However evidence suggests that hair loss is a significant outcome of chemotherapy treatment with psychologically devastating results. Cited as the most stressful event during chemotherapy, alopecia can affect body image, cause changes in relationships and interfere with social interaction. Experienced medical and paramedical oncology staff realize this psychological damage can be life threatening. It can undermine morale, an essential component in the fight against cancer.


Self Image - To many chemotherapy patients loss of hair can signal a loss of self image. Women and men alike may begin to isolate themselves, terminating the very personal relationships they need to gain courage during treatment.

The end result can be loss of effectiveness of medical treatment.

Body Image - Studies by Baxley* et al also found a significantly lower body image among patients.

* Baxley KO, Erdman UK, Henry EB, Raaf BJ., Alopecia affect on cancer patient's body image. Cancer Nursing 1987: 7 499503.


The daily confrontation with lack of hair reminds the patient that a disease process in on-going within.
Feelings of insecurity and the loss of identity can generate a sense of helplessness. The outcome can be a loss os a sense of self mastery.

What is more the patient may no longer feel sexually attractive. Female patients may also fear a general loss of feminity. All these psychological effects are aggravated when treating an adolescent, as a teenager's self image is already often unstable and lacking in self confidence. Many teenagers dread chemotherapy induced hair loss more than the disease itself.

Amit's SCS II anti-hair-loss system provides an effective and simple treatment preventing these stressful outcomes. In the long run the patient is spared the tedious search for and expense of a wig or other forms of head coverings. Ultimately damage to hair follicle cells is minimized, hair loss is prevented or significantly reduced and the patient's self image is maintained, thereby diminishing the pernicious effects of alopecia.

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