Can I get more details about Blood tests?

Usually before you have each treatment a nurse takes some blood and
sends it to a laboratory for a blood count. This measures the levels
of different types of cells in your blood. You need to have blood
counts because chemotherapy drugs are likely to lower the levels of
these cells in your blood.
The different types of blood cells are:

Red cells - these carry oxygen from the lungs around the body.
If they become too low you get anaemia and become very tired and pale.

White cells - these help fight infections. If these become too low you
are more likely to get infections and you will find it harder to get over these infections.

Platelets - these help your blood clot. If these become too low you
will bruise yourself easily and find it hard to stop bleeding, even
from small cuts and bumps. You also might have nose bleeds or your
gums might bleed when you clean your teeth.

If any part of your blood count is too low your doctors might give you
a longer time between treatments or may change the dose you are getting.