Cap Description

Technical description of the cap
Technical description of the cap
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The SCS II cap regulates the temperature of the patient's scalp during the entire treatment. The structural helmet is fabricated from thermally conducive material to insure homogenous temperature.

Thermoelectric cooling-element units are attached to the helmet, covers by insulating materials to control helmet temperature.

The scalp temperature sensor is located on the scalp during the entire treatment to insure good temperature control of the patient scalp and cap.

The umbilical cable from the main SCS II unit to the cap includes both electronic control and circulating coolant elements.

Real time temperature

SCS II displays real-time temperature data
SCS II displays real-time temperature data

The scalp temperature is measured on-line during the entire chemotherapy treatment. The scalp temperature is controlled by the SCS II main unit continuously monitored by a contact sensor and displayed on the
SCS II front panel. This unit maintains the temperature of the scalp area. The actual scalp temperature is at about + 10C/39F.

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